Weather Sensors for Retractable Awnings, Covers, Screens & Shutters

Protect your home and retractable shading products from extreme wind and rain with weather sensors that retract or expand our awnings, pergola covers and solar screens automatically – even when you’re away.

Open Retractable Awning for Nice WeatherSomfy Eolis 3D Wirefree Automatic Wind SensorClosed Retractable Awning to Protect from High Winds

The Eolis 3D awning wind sensor shown here retracts the awning when it detects heavy winds.

Somfy Weather Sensors for Awnings, Solar Screens & Pergola Covers

The weather sensors we use are perfect and most commonly used for our retractable awnings. These motion sensors attach directly to the awning and detect sudden strong wind or heavy
rainstorms, automatically retracting the awnings based on customizable weather thresholds.

Our retractable solar screens and retractable pergola covers can also take advantage of the sensors to roll up and be protected from inclement weather. Our team of platinum-certified Somfy experts can guide you to the best sensor automated solution for your lifestyle and usage!

It’s important to note that common sense should be the primary “sensor” of weather conditions.

The most common weather sensor configurations for our products are shown below:

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awning Installed with a Weather Sensor

Protection: Wind

Eolis 3D (wireless)

Protection: Wind & Sun/Rain

Eolis 3D + Ondeis (wireless)

Protection: Wind & Sun

Soliris 24V Kit (wired)

Retractable Pergola Covers

Protection: Wind

Eolis 24V Kit (wired)

Protection: Wind & Sun

Soliris 24V Kit (wired)

Protection: Wind & Sun/Rain

Ondeis (wireless) & Eolis 24V Kit (wired)

Retractable Solar Screens

Protection: Wind

Eolis 24V Kit (wired)

Protection: Wind & Sun

Soliris 24V Kit (wired)

Protection: Wind & Sun/Rain

Ondeis (wireless) & Eolis 24V Kit (wired)

Exterior Rolling Shutters

Protection: Sun & Rain

Ondeis (wireless)

Weather sensors are uncommon for shutters but can, technically, be utilized. Wind sensors are not needed for rolling shutters.

Here is more information about each of the 4 weather sensors we offer from Somfy:


Solar-Powered Sun and/or Rain Sensor


Ideal for:

Awnings, Shutters, Screens, Pergola Covers

(should be utilized only in combination with additional Eolis Wind Sensor)

Eolis 3D

Battery-Powered Motion-Based Wind Sensor


Somfy Eolis 3D wirefree

Ideal for:


Eolis 24V Kit

AC-Powered Wind Sensor


Somfy Eolis 3D wirefree

Ideal for:

Screens, Pergola Covers

Soliris 24V Kit

AC-Powered Sun & Wind Sensor


Ideal for:

Awnings, Screens, Pergola Covers

  • Ondeis Wirefree RTS Rain & Sun Sensor

    The Ondeis Wirefree RTS Rain and Sun Sensor retracts when rainfall or lack of sunlight exceeds user-selected thresholds. It can be used for all of our retractable shading products but only in combination with a wind sensor (Eolis 3D for awnings or the Eolis 24V Kit for pergola covers, shutters & solar screens).

  • Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS Automatic Wind Sensor

    The Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS Automatic Wind Sensor is used only for retractable awnings. This awning wind sensor retracts awnings based on wind intensity through a motion sensor. It is an excellent peace-of-mind wind sensor for awnings that we strongly recommend.

  • Somfy Eolis 3D wirefree

    The Eolis 24V Kit is used for solar screens and pergola covers. It will retract the product based on wind intensity.

  • The Soliris RTS Sun and Wind Sensor, a wind sensor with sun detection, that is most suitable for our solar screens and pergola covers. They may also be used on our retractable awnings.

The Ondeis and Eolis sensors are our most popular and most recommended products.

RTS: The Technology Behind the Weather Sensors

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) is the platform, or brain, that enables homeowners to adjust motorized retractable awnings from anywhere inside or outside the home. Simply pressing a button on a remote control or wireless wall switch transmits
an omnidirectional radio wave signal that operates devices within a 65 foot range. Just like a garage door opener, the radio waves travel through walls, making control of motorized products easier than ever.

Somfy RTS provides a high performance, convenient and reliable solution for awning automation, eliminating the need for wiring between the motor and controls – and the need to push any buttons at all! With the radio receiver integrated
within the motor, installation is quick and easy, making RTS the ultimate combination of luxury and performance.

Ondeis Rain & Sun Sensor

Solar-powered and totally wireless, Ondeis Rain and Sun Sensors automatically retract awnings when it rains or extend them to keep cooling costs down when it’s sunny.

Ondeis Wirefree RTS Rain & Sun Sensor

The rain and sun sensors also work in the same way for our retractable solar screens, retracting them in bad weather.

These sensors automatically respond to changes in the weather without any manual or remote activation required by the owner.

The Ondeis sensor detects moisture ranging from heavy fog to a downpour, and brightness ranging from heavy cloud cover to direct summer sun (0.5 klux to 50 klux).

Built-in potentiometers allow owners to set moisture and brightness thresholds anywhere in these ranges, along with actions to take in response. A homeowner can, for example, program the awning to extend during a light rain to protect patio furniture
but then to retract again in a downpour to prevent the awning from damage.

Ondeis sensors can be installed inconspicuously onto an outdoor wall, pole or gutter. They work with RTS motors and RTS receivers and provide 6 selectable modes of operation (for awnings, exterior screens or rolling shutters).

The solar cell requires only 10 minutes of direct sunlight to fully charge and no wiring or batteries are necessary!

For complete weather protection, the Ondeis Rain & Sun Sensor MUST be combined with the Eolis Wind Sensor. If the Ondeis is used without the wind sensor, the sun sensor may send the awning/screen out right into its doom on a sunny, yet stormy/rainy day!

Retractable Pergola Cover Extended in Bad WeatherRetractable Pergola Cover Retracts with Sun Sensor

Inclement weather is detected and the pergola cover retracts to protect it from damage.

Eolis 3D Wind Sensor for Retractable Awnings

The Eolis 3D awning wind sensor activates the motorized awning so that it retracts when wind gusts occur, minimizing damage. It detects horizontal, vertical and lateral movement and automatically retracts awnings according to pre-programmed
conditions. The compact, battery-powered Eolis sensor is mounted to the end of the awning bar to optimize sensitivity to wind movements.

Just like the Ondeis, the Eolis is designed to work while the homeowner is away, providing comfort, convenience and peace of mind – once operation parameters are set, the awnings move automatically.

Eolis features intuitive, simple programming, an auto-save function that records settings if the sensor is removed and a built-in battery replacement alert.

The Eolis wind sensor is also available for our retractable solar screens and pergola covers with the Eolis 24V Kit model. This sensor is AC-powered and is required when utilizing the Ondeis sensor.

8 Key Benefits of Somfy’s Weather Sensors

The Eolis 3D wind sensor for awnings is attached above and barely visible.

Exterior Shading Products Controlled by Somfy RTS

Somfy RTS wind, rain and sun sensors are available at European Rolling Shutters, the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert since 1983, located in south San Jose. They offer a selection of shading solutions in addition to retractable awnings
that work with RTS sensors, including:

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