TaHomA: Home Automation From Your Smartphone or Tablet

October 16, 2012

Somfy innovates with TaHomA, a new home automation system that gives you total control over the critical energy-management devices in your home: motorized interior and exterior window coverings, lights and thermostats. With TaHomA, you can manage the balance between natural light, artificial light and temperature to maximize your home’s energy savings with the convenience of one-click control both at home and away.

TaHomA uses Z-Wave®, an interoperable 2-way RF mesh networking technology. Because TaHomA communicates wirelessly, your home can easily be retrofitted with Somfy’s TaHomA-optimized lighting controls, thermostats, and interfaces that communicate with your Somfy-powered motorized products. Your TaHomA system can include as many or as few Z-Wave devices as you like, so whether you’re looking to control a single room or multiple homes, there is an affordable TaHomA solution that’s right for you. Best of all, TaHomA connects to your home network, offering you secure access to your TaHomA system anytime, anywhere, from any computer with an internet connection as well as your smartphone or tablet.

The TaHomA Controller

Once the system is installed by an authorized TaHomA dealer, there are plenty of ways you can customize it on your own. Let TaHomA’s intuitive graphic interface guide you step by step as you create Scenes (a group of devices working together) that help set the mood, or take your home to the next level with Schedules for a totally automated experience. Or your authorized dealer can program the system from start to finish – all you’ll need to do is enjoy your new automated home.