Home Automation: Do Somfy Motorized Shading Products Work with Amazon Alexa?

March 26, 2018

Somfy shading automation is now compatible with Amazon Alexa!

Amazon’s Alexa has taken center stage in smart home technology. The voice-driven virtual assistant integrates with smart home security systems, thermostats, home entertainment systems, sprinklers, lighting systems, and now – home shading systems.
somfy alexa mylink home automationAlexa and Somfy have teamed up to allow users to voice control shades powered by Somfy motors. Home shading automation provides the ultimate experience in home convenience and comfort.

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Alexa and Somfy Shading Automation – Together at Last for the Ultimate Voice Controlled Shading System

Previously, Alexa was not compatible with Somfy shading products. However, with the new Alexa integration, Somfy motorized shading automation is now accessible through voice activation via Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or other devices with Alexa.

Any Somfy-powered RTS products, such as awnings, rolling shutters, solar screens, and pergola covers can be controlled with Alexa using voice commands once it is set up in the Somfy myLink app.

somfy alexa shading automationAutomated Retractable Awnings with Somfy RTS Motors & Weather Sensor Installed by European Rolling Shutters

To get started, a Somfy myLink app with connected shading products powered by Somfy is required. An Alexa device connected to an Amazon account and Android or iOS device is also needed.

How to Connect Alexa to Somfy

  1. Make sure all systems are up-to-date
  2. Open the myLink app and click on “Amazon Alexa” in the menu
  3. Select “Link a New Account”
  4. Open the Amazon Alexa app and search for Somfy myLink
  5. Click “Enable” and enter Amazon account info
  6. Return to the myLink app and login with Amazon to complete the account linking process

After this simple setup and connecting process, homeowners can say “Alexa, ask myLink to raise bedroom.” Just like that, the bedroom shades will raise automatically. There are dozens of possible commands you can say to Alexa to control your shading solutions.

European Rolling Shutters is a Somfy Platinum Expert authorized dealer that offers Somfy powered shading solutions needed for the ultimate Alexa smart home experience!

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Not only can you control one shading product, Somfy RTS motors also allow control of multiple motorized shading products – thanks to Somfy RTS multi-channel capabilities.

Single channel RTS operates one individual shade while multi-channel permits full control of multiple individual and/or groups of shading products.

For example, the multi-channel feature allows homeowners to extend awnings on one side of their home while rolling up solar screens on the other side without the need to go to each side of the home. Now, with Alexa, homeowners are able to do the same thing simply by speaking.

The Smart Shades Experience Just Reached a New Level

The benefits of Alexa-enabled automated shading were futuristic fantasies not that long ago. And now, the long awaited Somfy shading automation with Alexa is a reality. Homeowners can be relaxing in the living room and with a simple voice command, they can extend or retract their motorized patio awnings.

somfy alexa smart shadesRetractable Motorized Pergola Covers with Somfy RTS Motors & Weather Sensor Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Aside from the ultimate convenience, it’s just fun to control every aspect of your home shading so easily. “Speak it and it shall be” is the ultimate experience smart home owners are now having with this technology.

In addition to voice activate smart shades, you can also have Somfy weather sensors automatically retract or expand awnings, pergola covers, and solar screens – even when you’re not home! These weather sensors utilize Somfy RTS technology to automatically protect your shades during extreme weather.

The future has arrived – it’s convenient and a lot fun. Contact ERS to get your home upgraded with Somfy shading automation via Amazon Alexa!

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