Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer free in-home estimates?

    Yes. Our sales consultants are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions or address any concerns regarding our exterior shading products.

  2. What is the turn-around time for the awnings, shutters and solar screens?

    The typical turn-around time is 3 to 4 weeks.

  3. What is the benefit of exterior shading compared to interior shading products?

    In warm weather, an exterior shading solution filters the sun from the outside, before the heat even has a chance to hit a window and enters the house, causing a greenhouse effect and warming up the house. In cold weather exterior rolling shutters, for example, insulate your home from the cold, saving you energy by naturally keeping the house warm.

  4. Can I install the products myself?

    Our products are carefully engineered to be operated safely and efficiently. We strongly recommend having professionals help you determine the best solution for you and install them professionally for you. Having the products installed by someone other than a professional can be very dangerous and will void the warranty.

  5. How long do your products last?

    Our products are designed to be long-lasting. The hardware parts are very durable and last for decades. For retractable awnings and retractable pergola covers the fabric can last 10-12 years, but can certainly last even longer with minimal care.

    View our awning maintenance guide.

  6. Do your products come with warranty?

    Yes. All of our products come with a 5-year warranty.

  7. What choices do I have to operate my shading devices?

    We provide many different ways for you to enjoy operating your shading devices. You can choose between manual operation or motorized control. For manual operation, we have pull strap and hand crank controls, and for motorized, we have electrical wall switches or remote control, including remote control using your smart phone or tablet (You can read more about TaHoMa – Total Home Automation in our blog).

  8. How much does your product cost?

    Our prices vary greatly depending on the size, the installation site and the method of operation.

    Please contact our sales consultants if you have any questions by calling our business line (408) 629 -3740 or fill out the contact form. We always offer free, in-home, no hassle estimates.

  9. What makes ERS special?

    We are family-owned and operated here in San Jose, California for nearly 30 years. We custom make all of our products and we only use the best parts and top quality materials for our products.

    We have hundreds of awning fabric styles and designs to choose from. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the only few exterior shading companies IN THE COUNTRY that manufacture, sell and install all of our products – from start to finish.