Retractable Patio Awnings

July 22, 2023

Throw Your Backyard Some Shade The Coolest Way to Cool Down

awning retracts with backyard green tan motorized retractable awning

In the midst of sunny, scorching summers — or really, throughout the year — there’s a recurring inner debate most Californians struggle with: enjoying the weather vs. staying cool indoors. The solution? Don’t choose between the two — create your own relief with a backyard patio awning and get the best of both worlds.

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Are Patio Awnings Worth It?

The short of it is: Absolutely. Besides keeping you cool and offering sun protection, patio awnings have a long list of benefits. Retractable? Check. Energy efficient? Check. Increased home value? Check. That’s only the beginning.

Patio awnings keep your home cool inside and out — basically an air conditioner without the big energy bills.

backyard yellow palo alto motorized retractable awning
blue green striped retractable patio awning

Backyard Patio Awning Advantages

Awnings for patios can come in a massive library of colors. The color library for Sunbrella fabrics along includes over 150 standard fabrics and patterns, with hundreds more specialty and custom patterns available.

Sunbrella Color/Finish Name:

  • White 4634-0000
  • Natural 4604-0000
  • Silver 4651-0000
  • Oyster 4642-0000
  • Crest Birch 4660-0000
  • Silica Silver 4862-0000
  • Parchment 4683-0000
  • Sunflower Yellow 4602-0000
  • Tuscan 4677-0000
  • Beige 4620-0000
  • Silica Sesame 4860-0000
  • Mocha Tweed 4616-0000
  • Toast 4628-0000
  • Linen 4633-0000
  • Tresco Linen 4695-0000
  • Heather Beige 4672-0000
  • Silica Dune 4859-0000
  • Cadet Grey 4630-0000
  • Crest Ash 4662-0000
  • Silica Gravel 4833-0000
  • Storm 4636-0000
  • Smoke 4615-0000
  • Charcoal Grey 4644-0000
  • Silica Stone 4861-0000
  • Charcoal Tweed 4607-0000
  • Silica Charcoal 4897-0000
  • Taupe 4648-0000
  • Linen Tweed 4654-0000
  • Cocoa 4676-0000
  • Tresco Birch 4696-0000
  • Silica Sage 4896-0000
  • Fern 4671-0000
  • Sea 4664-0000
  • Basil 4688-0000
  • Forest Green 4637-0000
  • Hemlock Tweed 4605-0000
  • Erin Green 4600-0000
  • Aquamarine 6023-0000
  • Persian Green 6043-0000
  • Turquoise 4610-0000
  • Aruba 4612-0000
  • Sapphire Blue 4641-0000
  • Sky Blue 4624-0000
  • Silica Caribbean 4831-0000
  • Capri 4675-0000
  • Pacific Blue 4601-0000
  • Mediterranean Blue 4652-0000
  • Ocean Blue 4679-0000
  • Royal Blue Tweed 4617-0000
  • Mediterranean Blue Tweed 4653-0000
  • Midnight 6036-0000
  • Marine Blue 4678-0000
  • Captain Navy 4646-0000
  • Dubonnet Tweed 4606-0000
  • Burgundy 4631-0000
  • Jockey Red 4603-0000
  • Logo Red 4666-0000
  • Terracotta 4622-0000
  • True Brown 4621-0000
  • Walnut Brown Tweed_4618-0000
  • Slate 4684-0000
  • Black 4608-0000
  • Navy 4626-0000
  • Ivy 4632-0000
  • Beaufort Cloud 4752-0000
  • Beaufort Mushroom 4753-0000
  • Manhattan Fog 4876-0000
  • Era Ash 4766-0000
  • Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe 4945-0000
  • Fern Heather Beige Block Stripe 4959-0000
  • Grey Beige Chip Fancy 4777-0000
  • Heather Beige Classic 4954-0000
  • Westfield Mushroom 4817-0000
  • Putty Regimental 4961-0000
  • Preston Stone 4768-0000
  • Fern Classic 4955-0000
  • Ashford Forest 4995-0000
  • Beaufort Yellow White 6 Bar 5702-0000
  • Colonnade Juniper 4856-0000
  • Beaufort Forest Green Natural 6 Bar 4806-0000
  • Forest Green Fancy 4790-0000
  • Forest Green Beige Natural Fancy Stripe 4932-0000
  • Black Forest Fancy 4923-0000
  • Taupe 5 Bar 4907-0000
  • Kiawah Spa 4868-0000
  • Baycrest Sky 4992-0000
  • Baycrest Pacific 4993-0000
  • Colonnade Seaglass 4823-0000
  • Navy Taupe Fancy 4916-0000
  • Mediterranean Canvas Block Stripe 4921-0000
  • Saxon Cascade 4884-0000
  • Pacific Blue Fancy 4755-0000
  • Motive Denim 4895-0000
  • Beaufort Peacock 4771-0000
  • Captain Navy Natural Classic 4902-0000
  • Cooper Navy 4987-0000
  • Colonnade Currant 4821-0000
  • Saxon Chili 4885-0000
  • Eastland Redwood 4813-0000
  • Havelock Brick 4985-0000
  • Bisque Brown 4773-0000
  • Colonnade Redwood 4857-0000
  • Henna Fern Vintage 4969-0000
  • Forest Vintage Bar Stripe 4949-0000
  • Hemlock Tweed Fancy 4751-0000
  • Manhattan Classic 4789-0000
  • Tillman Shale 4836-0000
  • Beaufort Black White 6 Bar 5704-0000
  • Hatteras Raven 4989-0000
  • Grey Black White 4799-0000
  • Colonnade Stone 4822-0000
  • Cooper Black 4988-0000
  • Eastridge Cocoa 4994-0000
  • Cooper Ash 4835-0000
  • Chip Fancy Chocolate 4776-0000
  • Clinton Granite 4888-0000
  • Burgundy Black White 4798-0000
  • Black Taupe Fancy 4946-0000
  • Beaufort Sagebrush 4746-0000

There are several additional benefits of installing a patio awning with ERS:


Not only do backyard awnings cool your patio, but they create shade indoors too. No more sun beating through your windows.

Increased Home Value

Not only do retractable awnings make your home look great, they also improve your home’s overall worth. It’s a win-win.

Energy Efficient

Indoor shade cuts cooling costs. A PAMA Energy Study showed awnings can reduce annual cooling energy 64-80% for homes in San Francisco. Additionally this study was backed by larger, independent organizations like ASHRAE and the U.S. Department of Energy (Source:

PAMA logo
ashrae logo

Awnings can reduce annual cooling energy 64-80% for homes in San Francisco.

red orange striped awning on patio

Weather Sensing

Awnings can be outfitted with weather sensors — conveniently retracting (or expanding) your patio awning when wain, rind, or sun is detected.

black awning rolled up with weather sensor

Awning Ideas: Pool, Deck, Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola Cover

The best part of our retractable patio awnings? The ideas for application are (almost) endless. Typically, these are installed in the backyard, but can be enjoyed over your front porch, a first- or second-level deck, a pool (keeps the leaves/branches out!), an outdoor kitchen, and more. No matter your choice in placement, an outdoor awning will add value to your home, protect your property, and elevate your home appeal.

Interested? Learn more about our motorized retractable awnings.

swimming pool shades backyard awning


Imagine sitting pool-side with the option for cool, shady protection at the touch of a button. No sunscreen necessary.

Check out this featured project: Before & After: Poolside Area Remodel in Los Gatos, CA

blue gray awning shading patio pool
awning shading pool
black white awning covering deck


Add a cozy touch to your deck or patio with a retractable awning. This application looks great and adds privacy to your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Who needs added heat from the sun when cooking over a hot grill? Installing a retractable awning makes for a no-sweat outdoor grilling experience.

Read more: Outdoor Kitchen Awnings

tan retractable awning over outdoor bbq
outdoor kitchen shading with awning and solar screen
backyard automated pergola cover

Pergola Covers

This application can be used in a number of different ways — free-standing or attached to your home. Either way, you’re (literally) covered.

Interested? Learn more about our retractable pergola covers.

red pergola cover 2 tier over patio
free standing pergola cover striped

Types of Patio Awnings

With a variety of patio awning styles, we’re sure to find a structure and design to fit your home. Whether you’re looking for a classic retractable awning, a high-end luxury markilux-brand awning, pergola cover, or markilux free-standing design, the experts at European Rolling Shutters will customize any selection to your liking.

pool backyard area tan fabric motorized retractable awning front view fully open

These motorized awnings can retract at the click of a button from a remote or smart phone app. We also offer a manual crank option.

Markilux Awning

These German-engineered awnings offer high-quality designs and fabrics for those who want to level up their patio awnings.

gray retractable patio awnings

Yes — we make retractable awnings for pergolas too! Create an oasis in your backyard with this convenient option.

markilux free standing shade awning

Looking for a more-flexible option? Our free-standing coverage options can be installed anywhere in your yard.

Free In-Home Consultation

Each patio awning project is different — we’d love to provide you with a free in-home estimate. Don’t forget: ERS offers a 5-year warranty on everything we install. Plus, 0% financing is available.

awning over bbq

What are you waiting for? We’re ready to throw you shade.

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