The Modern Pergola – Maximize Your Backyard Space in Style

May 10, 2017

A pergola is both a functional and decorative outdoor feature for any home. Typically attached directly to the home or constructed nearby, a pergola can add definition to your exterior space and shade a deck or patio to create a comfortable outdoor space for relaxing.

Traditional vs. Modern Pergolas

The traditional pergola is often a simple structure that is open on all sides and does not have a roof, but features exposed rafters. Many homeowners grow plants near their pergola and winding vines are a popular option as they grow to cover the rafters across the pergola, providing some shade.

traditional-pergola-exposed-raftersTraditional Pergola with Exposed Rafters

With just exposed rafters, traditional pergolas do not offer much shade from the sun. While aesthetically attractive, homeowners cannot use their pergola as often or as long as they truly desire due to the limited shading.

ERS can help transform your simple, exposed pergola into a modern pergola that offers the following advantages:

  • Retractable pergola covers convert the space beneath your pergola into a relaxing, shaded space
  • With over 150 pergola fabric covers to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect style for your home
  • Integration of automation technologies such as weather sensors are available for added convenience and durability of pergola covers
  • Additional sun protection with a sleek solar screen attachment

The result modern pergola offers is a contemporary, low-maintenance outdoor space for you and your family to relax without worrying about sun damage!

modern-pergola-fabric-coverModern Pergola – Notice How the Addition of a Pergola Cover Transformed the Space into a Cool, Shaded Space!

Modern Pergola – Evolved Appearance for Enhanced Experience

Pergolas have become more sophisticated and functional without losing their charm! Contemporary pergolas embrace new materials and technologies to put a modern spin on a classic concept. The addition of sun protection features such as fabric covers and/or solar screens enhance both the appearance of pergolas and functionality. Both of these features make the pergola more comfortable on those hot, sunny days by filtering UV rays.

  • Attractive Pergola Fabric Covers
  • Transform your outdoor space into a cool, shaded retreat
  • More comfortable and requires less maintenance than natural coverings such as leaves, plants or vines. No cleanup of fallen leaves needed!
  • ERS’s fabric covers feature Sunbrella fabrics, a recommended product by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • ERS offers more than 150 fabric styles from bright colors to eye-catching, enabling you to find the perfect style for your home décor
  • Functional Solar Screen Attachments
  • Add an additional layer of protection from the sun by filtering the sun’s glare
  • Reduce excessive heat without blocking the view
  • ERS offers a variety of solar screen styles that will fit your design requirements, including motorized solar screens for added convenience

modern-pergola-design-solar-screensModern Pergola Design with Solar Screens Attached

Modern Pergola – Better Durability & Convenience with Contemporary Technologies

The latest automation technologies such as weather sensors, remote control, wall switch, and more are available for ERS’s motorized pergola covers and solar screens. These high tech features allow you to enjoy the benefits of your pergola while keeping maintenance low. Nothing beats having your pergola covers and/or solar screens automatically controlled even when you’re away from home!

  • Convenient Weather Sensors
  • Weather sensors can be installed on motorized pergola covers or solar screens to automatically retract or open them in response to weather changes
  • They offer automated protection from weather damages even when you’re not home
  • Customized Somfy Automation
  • ERS motorized shading solutions can be paired with Somfy automation
  • Your pergola covers and/or solar screens can be controlled simply with a remote, your smart device, wall switch or timer for convenience

contemporary pergola automated weather sensorContemporary Pergola with Automated Weather Sensor

Get the Perfect Pergola Covers with European Rolling Shutters

We offer a wide selection of fabric covers and solar screen attachments for your modern pergola designs. The automated shading technologies we offer can truly enhance your outdoor living experience, not to mention the value of your property. What makes ERS unique is that everything we do is custom. We custom design, fabricate and install all our shading products from start to finish!

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