Modern Awnings for the Home

October 7, 2016

The Modern Awning

Modern awnings are functional as well as beautiful – making them the perfect way to match your contemporary home – creating shade for windows, doorways, patios / porches, decks, outdoor BBQ islands and more!

The modern awning is constructed with luxe fabrics, heavy-duty metal, weather sensors and remote-controlled retractable technologies.

Our contemporary retractable awnings improve the value, appearance and functionality of your home by creating additional outdoor living areas without the cost of building a permanent structure.


modern european retractable awnings in san jose
Modern Retractable Awnings by European Rolling Shutters

Awnings Through the Ages – A Short History of Awnings

Awnings have come a long way since ancient Egypt where woven mats were suspended over doors and windows to filter the sun’s rays. Their popularity underscores both their utility and aesthetic appeal.

Fast forward to the 19th century and you’ll see fixed awnings first being used commercially for the comfort of customers in shops, inns and restaurants. Operable awnings evolved soon afterwards in order to provide more control and flexibility and extend the lifetime of the canvas. Today, motorized retractable awnings are widely used in homes and businesses not just for cooling and shading, but for increasing the home’s value and creating convenient outdoor entertaining spaces as well.

Transform Your Backyard Without Construction

The primary benefit of modern retractable awnings is that you can improve the value, appearance and functionality of your home by creating additional outdoor living areas without the cost of building a permanent structure.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings from European Rolling Shutters

  • Cools your home and reduces energy costs, filters harmful UV rays
  • Single awnings can be built up to 23 feet wide by 13.5 feet deep
  • Custom designed and manufactured to suit any home’s style and decor
  • Can be added to existing metal awnings and pergolas for additional shading
  • Freestanding arms (instead of poles) will not obstruct the view, barely noticeable when retracted
  • Made with the beautiful and virtually indestructible Sunbrella outdoor fabric, includes a 10-year limited fabric warranty
stylish awning over bbq patio
Stylish Striped Retractable Awnings Over a BBQ Patio

Design Ideas for Modern Retractable Awnings

Modern awnings for the home come in a multitude of designs, materials, fabrics, colors, options and styles. From luxe fabrics, architectural glass and metal, to remote retractable technologies, awnings have never been more affordable, durable, low-maintenance or stylish. Here are some ways awnings can completely transform the look of your home…

Accessorize Your House with Attractive Colors

Bright and stylish awnings fabrics can make your monochromatic house pop with color and personality. Canvas awnings also soften the hard texture of brick and stone walls, creating a flowing, indoor/outdoor transition.

Dress Up Your Pergolas
Awning fabrics can be woven through the slats of your existing pergola to maximize shade and create a more contemporary look. Full-coverage, retractable pergola covers are also attractive and practical.

Add Character to the Exterior of Your Home
Cheery, brightly striped Bistro-style fabrics for your porch, patio or deck awnings will make your house look cheery and inviting. Use a café awning to replace a traditional window treatment for a more dramatic impression.

Enhance Flat Walls with Shape and Depth
Installing awnings on south-facing windows can make up for insufficient roof overhang for reducing heat – with the extra benefit of breaking up straight lines with dimension, shape, and pizazz.

Create a Natural Vibe with Wood
Are retractable awnings too modern for your rustic home? Fixed wooden awnings add a rustic look to gardens; timber awnings glow beautifully with light fixtures attached to them; woven awnings and natural wicker make perfect patio covers in rural or coastal settings.

Go Ultra-Modern with Metal and Glass
Frosted glass combined with custom ironwork make unique and artistic entryway canopies; aluminum beam awnings add contrast and elegance to timber decks.

Decorate with Light
You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style; retractable awnings that provide shade in the summer disappear when not in use.

automated weather sensor on motorized awnings
Green and White Retractable Awning with the White Somfy Eolis 3D Weather Sensor

Advanced Features of Modern Awnings

Beauty is important, but we believe that awnings should, above all, be flexible and functional.

Motorized retractable awnings offer many advanced features to insure top-of-the-line functionality and ease of use:

  • Control Your Shading Solutions Remotely From Your Mobile Device
    Somfy myLink technology lets you control your motorized awnings, solar screens, pergola covers and rolling shutters conveniently from your Apple or Android smart phone.
  • Automatic Weather Sensors
    Somfy weather sensors automatically retract your shading devices during extreme rain and wind conditions, or extend them to filter intense sun, without any manual or remote activation – even when you’re away from home.
  • Customizable Fabrics, Colors and Styles
    European Rolling Shutters offers over 150 colors, patterns and textures of awning fabric   including solids, stripes, and tweeds.
  • Custom Solar Screen Attachments
    Our motorized, retractable solar window screens filter 90% of harmful UV rays without sacrificing your view. They can also be attached to the end of retractable awnings or mounted on pergolas.
  • High Quality Awning Frame Materials Requires Low Maintenance
    We use high quality aluminum to fabricate our awning frames, along with the best stainless steel connecting parts, in order to maximize the lifetime of our products.

Although modern awnings come in many shapes, sizes and types, we believe the best awning provides the most functionality, comfort, energy savings and UV protection – and always looks marvelous!

European Rolling Shutters has been the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert since 1983. We invite you to visit our San Jose showroom to see our entire selection of shading solutions which includes:

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