Free Standing Awnings

If you’re looking to create little pockets of paradise for your home or business, look no further than a free-standing awning. With no need to anchor to an existing structure, you can have relaxing shade wherever you desire!

There are 3 different models from markilux that we customize, assemble, and install throughout the SF Bay Area — the mighty markilux markant provides highly personalized sun protection, the rotating markilux planet allows you to move the shade as you wish, and the sleek markilux syncra gives you double-sided weather protection.

Free Standing Awnings: sun protection wherever you need it

If you’re looking for personalized sun protection in a functional and stylish awning system, a free-standing awning is the perfect solution.

ERS Shading is the Bay Area’s premier dealer and installer of markilux brand luxury awnings and shade products.

We carry and install their line of luxury, retractable awnings, pergola covers, and retractable free-standing awnings.

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Free standing awnings from markilux are meticulously crafted with precision and made from premium-grade materials to guarantee long-lasting durability and performance.

Contact European Rolling Shutters for a free in-home estimate and experience the unrivaled commitment to quality craftsmanship that sets markilux apart.

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5 Free-Standing Awning Benefits



High-quality materials that will last for years & require minimal maintenance.

UV Protection

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays & prevent outdoor furniture from fading.



Great for home or commercial patios, decks, gardens, pool areas, & more. Can be, practically, installed on any flat surface.



With multiple frame & fabric options, you’re sure to find something to fit your decor and style.



These free-standing shade structures will look great in your yard!

markilux markant

The markant by markilux is our flagship free standing metal awning. It features a high-quality aluminum frame, complemented by a top-of-the-line awning fabric to help create the perfect outdoor living environment.

Due to its purist design, the markant lends itself well to being used in all kinds of areas, from backyards & patios to gardens. Because of this, the markant is commonly used as commercial free standing awnings for luxury hotels, and even in restaurants for al fresco dining.

markilux markant Unique Features & Benefits

  • 7 frame colors and more than 250 awning fabrics are sure to match your home's design.
  • Get as much shading as you want. One free standing canopy covers up to 3m x 6m or 9.8ft x 19.6ft (awning width x projection).
  • Couple two awnings and create a two-field unit with coverage up to 6m x 6m or 19.7ft x 19.7ft. They can be extended even further as required for large-area shading!
  • Enjoy a seamless drainage system. Openings in the awning cover allows rainwater to run off in a controlled and even manner, collecting in the front gutter & escaping via corner posts.
  • Various lighting options create the perfect ambiance, including rotatable and dimmable LED spotlights, as well as LED lines.
  • The markant can also be integrated into an existing structure, like a wall or the end of a pergola.
  • Enhance privacy, keep away low-lying sun, and shield yourself from the weather with vertical roller blinds.
  • Tracfix technology ensures that the cover is held perfectly taut in the guide tracks during extension and retraction.

Perla and Perla FR covers are ideal for the markant due to their water resistant coating. Perla FR is also highly flame resistant, making it ideal for fire-prone areas like restaurants.

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markilux planet

The award-winning planet awning system has a single support pole and a retractable awning, combining the lightness of an umbrella with the large shading of an awning. It’s versatile enough to work in different environments and is excellent as a portable deck awning or when used on patios or by the pool.

The planet’s most notable feature is its ability to rotate. The Flex version rotates up to 335 degrees so you always have shade exactly where you need. Rotation is simple to do with the Easy-Go lever and a safety lock to prevent over-rotation.

A non-rotating version is also available.

markilux planet Unique Features & Benefits

  • Comfortably adjust the shade courtesy of a radio-controlled motor with a handheld remote control.
  • Extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening with custom LED lighting on your planet awning.
  • Keep low-lying sun and prying eyes at bay using the Shadeplus attachment, a solar screen designed to perfectly complement the planet.
  • Choose from a variety of lounge colors, patterns, & fabrics. All markilux fabrics offer a UPF of 50+.
  • Depending on the model, enjoy shaded areas of up to 193 ft².
  • Easily bring the shade to you with the Flex version of the planet portable awning.
  • Depending on the awning selected, choose between a manual and an electric awning system.
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markilux syncra

The markilux syncra is a free-standing awning attachment frame that can accommodate one or two awnings. It rests on two poles. As a single unit, it already offers great coverage of up to 60m². Multiple awnings can be combined to provide even larger shading areas as needed.

With strong posts at each end, and a sturdy beam running across the middle, the syncra awning frame is made to thrive in both tame and harsh outdoor conditions.

markilux syncra Unique Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy coverage of up to 645 ft² per awning (up to 322 ft² with one field), and even larger as a connected system.
  • Optional flex installation using ballast boxes eliminates the need to build concrete footings.
  • Choose from a variety of lounge colors, patterns, and fabrics. Keep in mind that all markilux fabrics offer UPF of 50+.

Installation Options

With the syncra, you have a choice of two different installation options:

  • Fixed: involves planting the poles in a concrete base.
  • Flex: involves planting the poles in ballast boxes.

You can opt for the stand-alone double-sided syncra or the single-sided syncra, which can attach to an existing structure based on your requirements. For even more customization, combine your syncra with a pergola to create the syncra pergola which offers additional support posts and lateral cover guidance for superior size and wind stability.

Make your outdoor space more functional and beautiful with the versatile and customizable syncra awning system!

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