Before & After: Poolside Area Remodel

March 9, 2021

Awning with Variable Shading Transforms a Los Gatos Home’s Backyard Pool Area into a Place for Entertaining & Serenity

Prior to installing a retractable awning, a home owner in Los Gatos, California had a poolside seating area providing no protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

There was enough space for 12+ people, but the area was exposed to sunlight all day long making it almost unusable during the summer.


Poolside sitting area with variable shadeThe poolside sitting area was plagued with constant sunlight.


The homeowner had contracted us to install an awning over a patio dining table the year before, and we noticed the over-exposed poolside area and knew we could help turn it into a fun, relaxing, and beautiful space.

The goal of the project was to create and install an attractive motorized retractable awning system, matching the style of a previously installed awning, providing versatile poolside living and lounge area with much-needed sun protection.


Before: Pool Seating Area

The “before” poolside sitting area lacked any protection from the sun.

The seats and the hot tub were bathed in sunlight almost all day long making the area practically unusable during the summer.

We knew that a retractable awning would maximize the functionality of the space all year long.

We just needed something to mount it on…


The sitting area of the pool without any shadingThe sitting area required an awning or some form of shading to make it a more usable space.


We recommended installing a support structure and a retractable awning with a drop screen creating 300 square feet of new living space.

With a south-facing orientation, the drop screen would maximize the shade profile.

The awning would not only be able to provide cooling comfort in the summer, but also the flexibility to retract to enjoy the sun’s warmth in the winter months.

The recommended awning could be opened or closed at the push of a button or automatically controlled with the Somfy MyLink Transmitter.


back angle of the sitting area without shadingAnother angle of the outdoor sitting area prior to any protection from the sun.


After sharing the suggestions with Melinda, the homeowner, during her initial consultation for her first awning, she called back the next spring and said,

“Let’s do it!”

The end result is a poolside sitting area providing an escape from harsh sunlight and adding to the look and feel of the beautiful exterior of the home.


After: Pool Seating Area

We listened to the homeowner’s desire for their new awning, took note of the requirements they were looking for, and then provided them with a rendering of what the final awning would look like.

The retractable awning would be capable of making adjustments based on whether or not the people sitting in the poolside area wanted variable levels of sunshine.

Which was perfect for them because they wanted to be able to use this space all year long.

They also wanted the new awning to match the colors of other parts of the yard.


Poolside sitting area with a retractable awning conceptDesign rendering of the motorized retractable awning prior to installation.


The awning is being installed near the poolside areaA side view of the awning nearing the completion of the installation.


We recommended going with our ERS Toga Semi Cassette Awning with a Somfy RTS Motor.

The awning fabric choice for the top fabric was the Saxon Cascade pattern from Sunbrella.

And the variable drop screen valance that was used in this project was a charcoal 5% Natte Shade Screen Fabric.

In addition to the awning itself, the homeowner opted for optional weather sensors and controllers to be able to monitor the status and control the awning effortlessly.

These peripherals included a Handheld Situo-5 Remote, a Wind Motion Sensor, a MyLink Transmitter (for wirelessly controlling the awning), and remote controlled LED lighting.

An important feature was the Wind Motion Sensor, which will automatically close the awning if wind speeds go above a particular level.

The MyLink Transmitter is a multi-frequency wireless receiver that allows you to control the awning from any smart device as well as set up schedules, scenes, and timers.


front view of the new retractable awningThe retractable awning now provides shading to the sitting area and part of the pool through a front motorized rolling mechanism.


Since the retractable awning was not being anchored to the house, a post and beam structure was also included in the cost of the project.

A local landscape contractor, Pazmany Brothers Landscaping, helped to design and install the beam structure.


variable shading awning underneath viewThe retractable awning has the capability of providing front shading with a rolling shade in the front, provides shading from the top, and the entire awning can also be drawn back into the area by the beams when exposure to sunshine is desired.


As you are well aware, every project has its own challenges.

And this project was no different with us facing challenges we needed to work around or fix prior to and during the installation.

The wooden beams had to be able to withstand strong winds when the awning would be retracted.

So we worked with the landscaping company to make sure the beam structure was able to withstand the sometimes strong winds in this particular area of California.


Post beams of the retractable awningsThe post beams that were installed are capable of withstanding strong winds and providing a great rustic look to the poolside area.

The main highlights from this project are that the retractable awning now provided the poolside area and the hot tub with front shading thanks to the rolling shade, sun protection from the top with the top fabric, a well-designed and functional post beam structure securing everything in place, and all of the functionality happening at the push of a button with motors, controllers, and necessary sensors–ensuring a new customized beautiful and functional living space for this Los Gatos home.


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