Installing an awning for your customers is a simple and value-building way to provide a greater customer experience.

A commercial awning installed at a restaurant in the heart of San Francisco can provide relief from sun or light rain for foodies waiting in those long lines.

The summer heat can be easily beat by our commercial awnings in San Jose and other South Bay cities – providing relief both indoors and out.


Commercial Awnings Allow Comfortable Outdoor Dining at LB Steak located at Santana Row, San Jose, CA
Installed by European Rolling Shutters


Retractable awnings from European Rolling Shutters can serve as a multipurpose solution for a business that wants to expand their outdoor space, while providing interior comfort and energy savings.

ERS Shading commercial awnings are perfect for all types of businesses:


From visual to functional advantages, strategic placement of commercial retractable awnings will offer nothing but convenient benefits for your business.

The main function of awning is, of course, to provide shade and comfort. Prior to air conditioning, many homes and businesses relied on awnings to help keep cool.

Did you know that retractable commercial awnings minimize solar heat gains? According to the National Park Service Presentation Brief, motorized retractable awnings can reduce heat gains up to 77 percent in east-facing windows and 65 percent in south-facing windows.

That means awnings offer a simple and green solution to keep your business cool – which decreases the need for excessive air conditioning and ultimately lowers monthly energy bills. They also will protect your curtains, floors, rugs and furniture from sun damage.


Our Commercial Awnings can be customized with your Business Name Help Increase Visibility!
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Match your Logo or Building Colors with Versatile Awning Designs & Fabrics

ERS motorized awnings are available in an array of styles, fabrics, and colors.

Whether your business needs solid colors, stripes, textured or tweed fabrics, ERS offers over 150 awning fabrics to choose from. With an attractive design and color combination, your business will certainly grab the attention of anyone passing by.


Awning Fabrics


We offer 150+ standard fabrics & patterns, including solid colors, striped shadings, textured & tweed fabrics, including Sunbrella, Dickson, Sattler and Markilux-branded fabrics.

Here are just a few of our favorites:



Tillman Shale


Silica Caribbean

Ashford Forest

Beaufort Black/White

Motive Denim


Our sales consultants with work with you to determine the best awning fabrics and styles for your storefront.

They can even be a great marketing piece – customized to include your logo, color scheme, and messaging.

Additional Functional Perks of Commercial Awnings

In addition to offering your business energy savings and a polished look for a striking first impression, ERS retractable awnings also increase space and give businesses flexible options. They instantly offer comfortable outdoor, shaded seating which is advantageous for businesses that require more space to accommodate customers.

Commercial awnings have come a long way. Today’s high-tech awnings offer added convenience and control over dated fixed awnings, metal awning or crank-based awnings.

Our retractable awnings can be installed with awning wind sensors and other weather sensors. These weather sensors on retractable awnings will automatically retract the awning during extreme weather to prevent damage.

The vast majority of our awnings are electrically-controlled with Somfy automation systems. This allows business owners to conveniently control awnings with a remote, wall switch or the Somfy myLink app on their smartphone or tablet.


Retractable Commercial Awnings at Jake’s of Saratoga with Matching Business Theme Colors
Installed by European Rolling Shutters


Businesses can also opt for the addition of our retractable solar shades that drop down from the end of our awnings. This unique combination minimizes sunlight hitting your customers and reduces glare while maintaining a clear outdoor view.

Retractable Awnings are Compatible for all Businesses

Retractable awnings can be a beautiful and functional addition to any type of business.

ERS Shading also provides additional exterior shading products. Click to learn more below:

Contact European Rolling Shutters
, the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert since 1983, for more information on how to choose the best shading solution for your business or home.

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been synonymous with scenic sophistication – offering breathtaking views in every direction. There’s nothing like taking in a glorious sunset from the comfort of home, and our motorized shading products allow homeowners to enjoy the view while providing privacy, comfort, and UV protection.

Somfy Platinum ExpertEuropean Rolling Shutters offers several exterior shading products including retractable awnings, exterior roll shutters, retractable solar screens, and retractable pergola covers to conveniently protect your family, home, and business from sun damage. As a Somfy Platinum Expert authorized dealer, all of our products are controlled centralized automation from Somfy.

With Somfy automatic shade motors and controls, you can control your ERS motorized awnings, pergola covers, shutters and screens with the touch of a button on Somfy’s myLink® app, remote or wall switch.

somfy mylink app iphone ipadsomfy telis remote controlsomfy decoflex wall switch
Control our awnings, shutters, & solar screens with Somfy automation

Behind the Somfy Awning, Shutter & Screen Automation Technology

Somfy awning, shutter and screen motors and controls empower home and business owners to adjust ERS shading products from multiple locations with ease.

Much like a garage door opener, the handheld universal remote control or wireless wall switch operates shading products installed with Somfy motors located within their approximate 65 foot range.

In addition, the controls can be operated without the need to point at the shading motors due to the omnidirectional nature of the technology. This solution, known as Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), completely eliminates the need for wiring between the shade motors and controls, providing a convenient and reliable solution for shading automation.

Somfy Awning, Pergola Cover, Shutter & Screen Highlights

ERS retractable awning with somfy automationMotorized Retractable Awnings Installed by European Rolling Shutters Overlooking the San Rafael Bridge in Richmond, CA

Somfy RTS controls are available as either single channel or multi-channel to enhance the organization of your motorized shading products.

While a single channel RTS remote operates either one individual or one group of motorized shading products, a multi-channel remote permits full control of multiple individual and/or groups of shading products.

For instance, the multi-channel feature allows homeowners to extend awnings on one side of their home while rolling up solar screens on the other side, all with the convenience of a single remote control and without the need to go to each side of the home.

With the maximum number of 16 channels available with the Telis 16 RTS remote, it’s never been easier to centralize your automatic shading control!

somfy automatic shading controls house diagramDiagram of Multiple Somfy Automatic Shading Controls Including Remote, Wall Switch, and Somfy myLink App

Experience Shading Automation the Way You Choose

All RTS motors and controls are designed to be compatible with one another to provide a seamless automation system for your shading products. This feature allows you to use and combine any Somfy automatic controls according to your own preference.

summary of somfy automatic shade controlsSummary of Somfy Automatic Shading Controls

One of the features of the Somfy platform is the ability to program your favorite shading preference with Somfy’s “my” function.

For example, instead of completely extending or retracting an awning, you can program it to extend only 40%, 50% or 60%. With the variety of Somfy controls and the versatility of the “my” function, the customization power is all yours.

somfy my function with ERS motorized awningsERS Green & White Retractable Awning Portraying Somfy’s Exclusive “my” Function for All RTS Motorized Awnings

Find the Shading Solution with an ERS Shading Expert

We’ve been manufacturing and installing our shading products in the SF Bay Area since 1983.

We offer shading solutions from retractable awnings to rolling shutters, solar screens, and pergola covers.

Powered by Somfy motors with versatile control options, ERS shading products can offer any home or business increased comfort, privacy, energy savings, and exceptional convenience.

To learn more about the benefits of ERS motorized shading products powered by Somfy automation and get a free in-home estimate, simply contact us or call (408) 629-3740.

Our factory is in San Jose, California, but we service all of the Bay Area from Marin to Monterey.

The Modern Awning

Modern awnings are functional as well as beautiful – making them the perfect way to match your contemporary home – creating shade for windows, doorways, patios / porches, decks, outdoor BBQ islands and more!

The modern awning is constructed with luxe fabrics, heavy-duty metal, weather sensors and remote-controlled retractable technologies.

Our contemporary retractable awnings improve the value, appearance and functionality of your home by creating additional outdoor living areas without the cost of building a permanent structure.


modern european retractable awnings in san jose
Modern Retractable Awnings by European Rolling Shutters

Awnings Through the Ages – A Short History of Awnings

Awnings have come a long way since ancient Egypt where woven mats were suspended over doors and windows to block the sun’s heat. Their popularity underscores both their utility and aesthetic appeal.

Fast forward to the 19th century and you’ll see fixed awnings first being used commercially for the comfort of customers in shops, inns and restaurants. Operable awnings evolved soon afterwards in order to provide more control and flexibility and extend the lifetime of the canvas. Today, motorized retractable awnings are widely used in homes and businesses not just for cooling and shading, but for increasing the home’s value and creating convenient outdoor entertaining spaces as well.

Transform Your Backyard Without Construction

The primary benefit of modern retractable awnings is that you can improve the value, appearance and functionality of your home by creating additional outdoor living areas without the cost of building a permanent structure.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings from European Rolling Shutters

stylish awning over bbq patio
Stylish Striped Retractable Awnings Over a BBQ Patio

Design Ideas for Modern Retractable Awnings

Modern awnings for the home come in a multitude of designs, materials, fabrics, colors, options and styles. From luxe fabrics, architectural glass and metal, to remote retractable technologies, awnings have never been more affordable, durable, low-maintenance or stylish. Here are some ways awnings can completely transform the look of your home…

Accessorize Your House with Attractive Colors

Bright and stylish awnings fabrics can make your monochromatic house pop with color and personality. Canvas awnings also soften the hard texture of brick and stone walls, creating a flowing, indoor/outdoor transition.

Dress Up Your Pergolas
Awning fabrics can be woven through the slats of your existing pergola to maximize shade and create a more contemporary look. Full-coverage, retractable pergola covers are also attractive and practical.

Add Character to the Exterior of Your Home
Cheery, brightly striped Bistro-style fabrics for your porch, patio or deck awnings will make your house look cheery and inviting. Use a café awning to replace a traditional window treatment for a more dramatic impression.

Enhance Flat Walls with Shape and Depth
Installing awnings on south-facing windows can make up for insufficient roof overhang in blocking heat – with the extra benefit of breaking up straight lines with dimension, shape and pizazz.

Create a Natural Vibe with Wood
Retractable awnings too modern for your rustic home? Fixed wooden awnings add a rustic look to gardens; timber awnings glow beautifully with light fixtures attached to them; woven awnings and natural wicker make perfect patio covers in rural or coastal settings.

Go Ultra-Modern with Metal and Glass
Frosted glass combined with custom ironwork make unique and artistic entryway canopies; aluminum beam awnings add contrast and elegance to timber decks.

Decorate with Light
You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style; retractable awnings that provide shade in the summer disappear when not in use.

automated weather sensor on motorized awnings
Green and White Retractable Awning with the White Somfy Eolis 3D Weather Sensor

Advanced Features of Modern Awnings

Beauty is important, but we believe that awnings should, above all, be flexible and functional.

Motorized retractable awnings offer many advanced features to insure top-of-the-line functionality and ease of use:

Although modern awnings come in many shapes, sizes and types, we believe the best awning provides the most functionality, comfort, energy savings and UV protection – and always looks marvelous!

European Rolling Shutters has been the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert since 1983. We invite you to visit our San Jose showroom to see our entire selection of shading solutions which includes:

exterior retractable rolling shutters
exterior retractable rolling shutters

Exterior Rolling Shutters

window solar screens in san jose
Window Solar Screens in San Jose

Solar Screens

backyard retractable pergola awning cover
Backyard Retractable Pergola Awning Cover

Retractable Pergola Covers

The Cottle NZE Home
The Cottle Zero Energy Home in Willow Glen, California by One Sky Homes

The Cottle Zero Energy Home in Willow Glen is the first Net Zero Energy (NZE) new home built in California – and the first to be recognized by the California Energy Commission as one of the highest-performing energy efficient homes in the State.

This visionary contemporary home resets performance standards for indoor air quality, comfort, energy and water efficiency, and of course, modern style and luxury.

Exterior View of ERS' Solar Screens
Exterior view of ERS’ solar screens on the Cottle NZE Home’s window

European Rolling Shutters, the Bay Area’s leader in shading solutions since 1983, is proud to provide the energy saving solar screens that contributed to the NZE home.



ERS’ retractable solar screens help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without sacrificing your view. They can block 90% of the sun’s UV rays which decrease the sun’s heating effect more effectively than traditional interior window blinds – sometimes by 15 to 20 degrees. This is the reason why solar screens were chosen to optimize the energy efficiency of the Cottle Zero Energy Home.

The Cottle Zero Energy Home was built by One Sky Homes, a Silicon Valley residential design/build contractor specializing in high-energy performance custom homes and whole house remodels. The company uses sustainable building practices and “green” rating systems, which include:one-sky-homes

So what is Net Zero Energy?

Basically, it’s the gold standard of green energy. It means that whatever energy is used in a home is offset by renewable power produced on site, namely solar electricity and solar water heating. Hyper-efficient energy use comes from optimizing thermal energy flow throughout the house and, in this case, the use of 28 solar photovoltaic panels, super-insulating triple-pane windows and motorized solar screens.

If going off-the-grid is not for you, don’t worry; Zero Energy Homes stay connected because at times, like on an overcast day, the house may use some energy from the local utility company. Throughout the year, however, the Zero Energy Home will produce enough surplus power to sell back to the utility, off-setting the amount purchased, resulting in a net-zero annual energy bill!

Net Zero is an emerging building standard, not just a fad. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) developed the Residential New Construction Zero Net Energy Action Plan, which requires all new houses built beginning in 2020 to meet the Zero Net Energy requirements. Motorized solar screens block most of the sun’s UV rays, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. As builders strive for compliance, you will see solar screen much more frequently in new homes.

Interior View of ERS' Solar Screens
Interior view of ERS’ solar screens on the Cottle NZE Home’s window

Besides being energy-efficient, European Rolling Shutters’ retractable solar screens limit the sun’s damaging effects on your skin, furniture and floors. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise on style or deal with the strings of traditional blinds. Your solar screen fits attractively in a box right above your window or sliding glass door and comes with automatic controls. Super-efficient solar powered screens, like the ones on the Cottle home, are also available.

If you want more information on the energy saving value of solar screens, check out the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) Energy Study. It shows how solar shades reduced annual cooling costs up to 86% for homes in San Francisco. Solar shades are also recommended by the US Department of Energy as an energy efficient window treatment (Source:

European Rolling Shutters’ Can Cut Your Energy Bills – Whatever the Age of Your Home

Not everyone can afford a custom home, but European Rolling Shutters can help any homeowner reduce their energy bills. Our retractable solar screens can be applied to all glass windows and doors to block the sun’s glare and excessive heat, cutting back on air -conditioning and lowering your PG&E bill.

ERS' Retractable Solar Screens
ERS’ retractable solar screens – a worthwhile investment that adds value to your home

Although thin, our solar screens are durable, corrosion-resistant and very long lasting. And unlike our aluminum rolling shutters, solar screens are semi-transparent, which lets you enjoy the sunset without baking like a potato.

Some Benefits of Our Retractable Solar Screens:

Enjoy the Shade
Enjoy the shade and sun protection WITHOUT sacrificing the view!

European Rolling Shutters has been the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert since 1983. We are a family owned and operated business with a manufacturing facility and showroom located in South San Jose. We offer a range of energy saving products in addition to solar screens:

Exterior Rolling Shutters
Retractable Awnings

Retractable Pergola Covers

Contact us for a free in-home consultation and estimate!

Phone: 408-629-3740

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