It’s no secret that the San Francisco Bay Area boasts some of the nation’s most agreeable weather thanks to a mild year-round climate that generally doesn’t have severe events such as blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes. However, Bay Area residents, especially those in the sunny South Bay, must always be mindful of one nemesis: the sun.

It might seem a bit cold-hearted to look upon our provider of beautiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures with disdain, but the fact is UV rays from the sun can do considerable damage to not only the body, but also the home.

The simple solution is to grab some sunscreen for a day under the sun, but continually slathering lotion on can be bothersome. And it still doesn’t protect your hardwood flooring or furniture from sun damage.

Instead, there’s a less greasy and more fashionable way to ward off sunrays from the skin and home: motorized retractable awnings.

This Green and White Striped Motorized Retractable Awning in San Jose Creates a Comfortable, Shaded Backyard
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Perfect Climate for Motorized Awnings in San Jose, CA

Installing an awning for dealing with the summertime heat in San Jose, and the Bay Area in general, is a great idea, but the city’s climate makes getting an awning an ideal choice regardless of the season.

San Jose has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and the average temperature for the year hovers around 60.5 degrees. This means ample opportunities for enjoying a nice sunny day throughout the year.

However, an abundance of sunshine means two things: plenty of UV rays and heat.

No matter the time of year, it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors with the sun beating down. With a retractable awning in San Jose, shade and safety can be had with the simple push of a button.

A retractable awning not only blocks harmful UV rays from the skin, it also stops sunlight from reaching the home’s interior, helping to save energy on cooling and heating costs, as well as protecting furniture and other valuables from being damaged due to constant exposure to sunlight.

Just check out all this shade made from one of our San Jose Awnings:

San Jose AwningsMotorized San Jose Awnings Provide Shade Which Help Protect Furniture from Sun Damage
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Although retractable awnings offer perfect protection against the sun, they’re not meant to withstand extreme weather such as heavy rain, wind or snow. Such extreme weather conditions can cause great damage to opened awnings. Because the weather in San Jose and the Bay Area is mild, you don’t have to worry too much about your awnings getting weather damaged, so these San Jose awnings provide an excellent shading solution year-round.

Simple Awning Maintenance

Another advantage of the Bay Area’s favorable climate and lack of extreme weather: awning care is easy.

Only proper care and handling with basic awning cleaning is needed for ERS retractable awnings to be long-lasting. The durable hardware and frames used require only minimal care to keep your motorized awnings operating smoothly for decades.

We source our awning fabrics from Sunbrella, a product that is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Custom, Crazy & Unique Awning Designs

ERS offers hundreds of striking patterns, colors, and styles of awning fabrics. However, for customers who are looking for something extra special, ERS can help add a touch of creativity via specific color themes or business logos for commercial awnings.

retractable awnings san joseRetractable Commercial Awnings with Customized Business Name at Left Bank Restaurant at Santana Row in San Jose, CA
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Many folks in the Bay Area are sports fanatics, and we can even match colors for all the major teams in the region. Wow your tailgate buddies when hosting barbeques with a custom Sharks, A’s, 49ers, Raiders or Giants themed awning!

ERS motorized retractable awnings use motors and controls produced by Somfy, a company that has produced more than 150 million motors since it was created. Somfy awning automation can be set up to be controlled by mobile devices such as a smartphone and tablet, providing another layer of customization and control.

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There are plenty of companies in the Bay Area that offer awnings, but European Rolling Shutters in San Jose is unique because they are one of the few exterior shading companies in the entire country that manufactures, sells, and installs ALL their own products.                                                                                      

Founded in 1983, ERS Shading’s factory and showroom is located in San Jose. They service the entire Bay Area from Southern Marin Country to Monterey County and offer free in-home estimates.

All the materials they use are imported directly from Europe, and all the assembly and manufacturing of their products is done in-house at their factory.

Besides awnings, ERS also offers retractable pergola covers, rolling shutters and solar screens. Whatever the problem is, ERS is sure to have the answer. Get in touch with us today!

Installing an awning for your customers is a simple and value-building way to provide a greater customer experience.

A commercial awning installed at a restaurant in the heart of San Francisco can provide relief from sun or light rain for foodies waiting in those long lines.

The summer heat can be easily beat by our commercial awnings in San Jose and other south bay cities – providing relief both indoors and outdoors.

Commercial Awnings Allow Comfortable Outdoor Dining at LB Steak located at Santana Row, San Jose, CA
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Retractable awnings from European Rolling Shutters can serve as a multipurpose solution for a business that wants to expand their outdoor space, while providing interior comfort and energy savings.

ERS Shading commercial awnings work perfect for all types of businesses:

From visual to functional advantages, strategic placement of commercial retractable awnings will offer nothing but convenient benefits for your business.

The main function of awning is, of course, to provide shade and comfort. Prior to air conditioning, many homes and businesses relied on awnings to help keep cool.

Retractable commercial awnings minimize solar heat gains. According to the National Park Service Presentation Brief, motorized retractable awnings can reduce heat gains up to 77 percent in east-facing windows and 65 percent in south-facing windows.

Awnings offer a simple solution to keep your business cool which decreases the need for excessive air conditioning and ultimately lowers that monthly energy bill. They also will protect your curtains, floors, rugs and furniture from sun damage.

Customized Motorized Commercial Awnings with Business Name Help Increase Visibility at Left Bank located at Santana Row, San Jose, CA
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Match your Logo or Building Colors with Versatile Awning Designs & Fabrics

ERS motorized awnings are available in an array of styles, fabrics, and colors.

Whether your business needs solid colors, stripes, textured or tweed fabrics, ERS offers over 150 awning fabrics to choose from. With an attractive design and color combination, your business will certainly grab the attention of anyone passing by.

Some of ERS’ favorite fabrics for retractable awnings

Additionally, Businesses can work with ERS to determine the best awning fabrics and styles for their needs.

Our awnings can provide extra space for additional marketing materials. We can even customize the fabric to include your logo, custom color and messaging.

Additional Functional Perks of Commercial Awnings

In addition to offering your business energy savings and a polished look for a striking first impression, ERS retractable awnings also increase space and give businesses flexible options. They instantly offer comfortable outdoor, shaded seatings which is advantageous for businesses that require more space to accommodate customers.

Commercial awnings have come a long way. Today’s high-tech awnings offer added convenience and control over dated fixed awnings, metal awning or crank-based awnings.

Our retractable awnings can be installed with awning wind sensors and other weather sensors. These weather sensors on retractable awnings will automatically retract the awning during extreme weather to prevent damage.

Somfy automation system allows business owners to conveniently control connected motorized awnings with a remote, wall switch or the Somfy myLink app on their smartphone or tablet.

Retractable Commercial Awnings at Jake’s of Saratoga with Matching Business Theme Colors
Installed by European Rolling Shutters

Businesses can also opt for the addition of our retractable solar shades that drop down from the end of our awnings. This unique combination minimizes sunlight hitting your customers and reduces glare while maintaining a clear outdoor view.

Retractable Awnings are Compatible for All Businesses

Retractable awnings can be a beautiful and functional addition to any type of business.

ERS Shading also provides additional exterior shading products. Click to learn more below:

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