The San Francisco Bay Area has long been synonymous with scenic sophistication – offering breathtaking views in every direction. There’s nothing like taking in a glorious sunset from the comfort of home, and our motorized shading products allow homeowners to enjoy the view while providing privacy, comfort, and UV protection.

Somfy Platinum ExpertEuropean Rolling Shutters offers several exterior shading products including retractable awnings, exterior roll shutters, retractable solar screens, and retractable pergola covers to conveniently protect your family, home, and business from sun damage. As a Somfy Platinum Expert authorized dealer, all of our products are controlled centralized automation from Somfy.

With Somfy automatic shade motors and controls, you can control your ERS motorized awnings, pergola covers, shutters and screens with the touch of a button on Somfy’s myLink® app, remote or wall switch.

somfy mylink app iphone ipadsomfy telis remote controlsomfy decoflex wall switch
Control our awnings, shutters, & solar screens with Somfy automation

Behind the Somfy Awning, Shutter & Screen Automation Technology

Somfy awning, shutter and screen motors and controls empower home and business owners to adjust ERS shading products from multiple locations with ease.

Much like a garage door opener, the handheld universal remote control or wireless wall switch operates shading products installed with Somfy motors located within their approximate 65 foot range.

In addition, the controls can be operated without the need to point at the shading motors due to the omnidirectional nature of the technology. This solution, known as Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), completely eliminates the need for wiring between the shade motors and controls, providing a convenient and reliable solution for shading automation.

Somfy Awning, Pergola Cover, Shutter & Screen Highlights

ERS retractable awning with somfy automationMotorized Retractable Awnings Installed by European Rolling Shutters Overlooking the San Rafael Bridge in Richmond, CA

Somfy RTS controls are available as either single channel or multi-channel to enhance the organization of your motorized shading products.

While a single channel RTS remote operates either one individual or one group of motorized shading products, a multi-channel remote permits full control of multiple individual and/or groups of shading products.

For instance, the multi-channel feature allows homeowners to extend awnings on one side of their home while rolling up solar screens on the other side, all with the convenience of a single remote control and without the need to go to each side of the home.

With the maximum number of 16 channels available with the Telis 16 RTS remote, it’s never been easier to centralize your automatic shading control!

somfy automatic shading controls house diagramDiagram of Multiple Somfy Automatic Shading Controls Including Remote, Wall Switch, and Somfy myLink App

Experience Shading Automation the Way You Choose

All RTS motors and controls are designed to be compatible with one another to provide a seamless automation system for your shading products. This feature allows you to use and combine any Somfy automatic controls according to your own preference.

summary of somfy automatic shade controlsSummary of Somfy Automatic Shading Controls

One of the features of the Somfy platform is the ability to program your favorite shading preference with Somfy’s “my” function.

For example, instead of completely extending or retracting an awning, you can program it to extend only 40%, 50% or 60%. With the variety of Somfy controls and the versatility of the “my” function, the customization power is all yours.

somfy my function with ERS motorized awningsERS Green & White Retractable Awning Portraying Somfy’s Exclusive “my” Function for All RTS Motorized Awnings

Find the Shading Solution with an ERS Shading Expert

We’ve been manufacturing and installing our shading products in the SF Bay Area since 1983.

We offer shading solutions from retractable awnings to rolling shutters, solar screens, and pergola covers.

Powered by Somfy motors with versatile control options, ERS shading products can offer any home or business increased comfort, privacy, energy savings, and exceptional convenience.

To learn more about the benefits of ERS motorized shading products powered by Somfy automation and get a free in-home estimate, simply contact us or call (408) 629-3740.

Our factory is in San Jose, California, but we service all of the Bay Area from Marin to Monterey.