Event: Alameda County Fall Home and Garden Show
When: October 4th, 5th and 6th, 2013 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Time: Friday (noon-6pm), Saturday (10am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-5pm)
What to expect: hundreds of exhibits, kitchens and baths, windows and doors, heating and air, sunroom and floors, pools and spas, landscape and more

European Rolling Shutters (ERS) is going to be at the next Home and Garden show in the Alameda County on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October. If you would like to attend we have free tickets! All you have to do is print out the e-tickets below and bring it with you the day you would like to go.

Remember to stop by our booth and say hi! We have product demonstration, video testimonials, samples, and free gifts to give away.

Alameda County Home and Garden Show - Fall 2013 - Free tickets

Here at European Rolling Shutters (ERS) we like to keep our staff well trained and educated on all the shading technology. Once every 6 months or so, all the ERS staff gather in one room to talk all about exterior shading and ways on how to improve it. This is necessary because, there is no doubt that knowledgeable employees provide better products and services to their clients. At ERS, all of our employees are well-trained, well-informed and highly experienced, which are made certain by Paul and Linda (the owners of ERS) through regular staff meetings.

At this event, the representatives from Somfy (the maker of all of our exterior shading motors) stopped by to provide our staff with formal training. Bonnie in the blue shirt and Nicole in the purple shirt flew in all the way from New Jersey just for us!

From 9:00am until 3:00pm, an all day event, they talked about everything and anything Somfy related. Some of the topics discussed were about their new motors, different ways to program it, and TaHomA (Home Automation)… just to name a few. At the end of the session they allowed our staff to ask questions.

To keep everyone happy, Paul and Linda kindly provided free food! There was no shortage of Subway sandwiches, chips, dips, and a variety of beverages (sorry no alcohol). By the end of the day, not only everyone’s stomach was full but also their minds. The purpose of an all day training is to keep our staff up-to-date and well educated in all the products that we provide to our own clients.

somfy 2013 site visit and training

Summer is here! The sun is out longer and the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. As a result your energy bill is SKYROCKETING and more of your hard earned cash goes into cooling your home that is leaking money!

Today’s windows and sliding glass doors
Would you be willing to toss 30% of your energy dollars out the window? Not likely. According to the California Energy Commission that is how much of a typical home’s heating and cooling is lost through its windows and doors.

Heat buildup
Sunlight passing through a window adds heat to a room which is desirable during the winter but generally unwanted in the summer. Energy Star estimates that solar heat gain through windows may account for 50% or more of a home’s summer cooling requirements. This means you are wasting precious money to cooling your home!

Lost square footage
Many homeowners may not realize it but this is the biggest cost against their investment when owning a home – loss of space due to excessive sunlight and heat. The average loss for a 600 square foot room in a 3000 square foot home valued at 1 million dollars is about $200,000 of wasted value!

You don’t have to be helpless and we can help!
We can help you GET A GRIP on your energy savings.
We can help you GET A GRIP on shielding your home and family.
We can help you GET A GRIP on reclaiming lost and unused space in your home.

Call us 408-629-3740, visit our showroom/factory, or make an inquiry using our contact form for more information. Ask for Mike or Vahid. They are experienced Exterior Shading Consultants who have been with our company for more than a decade.

Please enjoy our photos below. They are our actual client installation photos taken at the job site.

Motorized Retractable Awning - Custom Made by ERS - opened position

Motorized Retractable Awning - Custom Made by ERS - mid - opened position

Motorized Retractable Awning - Custom Made by ERS - closed position