Motorized Retractable Awnings

With our motorized retractable awnings you get sun protection and shade coverage that goes beyond clunky umbrellas or canopies.
Electric awnings from European Rolling Shutters (ERS Shading) are the perfect solution to turn the unusable, hot asphalt around your house into a cool, relaxing space. Our rollup awnings can also be mounted above windows or doorways to help keep the inside of your home cool and shaded.

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skin cancer foundation recommended awning

Our awnings feature Sunbrella®
fabrics, a recommended product
by the Skin Cancer Foundation

5 Unique Features of our Rolling Awnings:

  • Controlled via remote control or app for iPhone, iPad or Android; also available with the more affordable manual crank.
  • Built up to 23 feet across and 13.5 feet away from your home with a single awning – that means we can build HUGE, custom, oversized awnings for almost any space.
  • Custom-made just for you and your home’s decor with the dimensions, colors/pattern, Sunbrella-brand fabric, and style you want (we offer hundreds of colors).
  • Cool down your outdoor space by 15 degrees as the electric awning extends in just 15 seconds!
  • Add our retractable solar screens to the end of the awnings for additional shading from early morning or late afternoon sunshine.

We offer 150+ standard fabrics & patterns, including solid colors, striped shadings, textured & tweed fabrics.
Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Charcoal Tweed
    Charcoal Tweed
  • Crest Birch
    Crest Birch
  • Bisque Brown
    Bisque Brown
  • Ashford Forest
    Ashford Forest
  • Saxon Cascade
    Saxon Cascade
  • Erin Green
    Erin Green
  • Burgundy

View All 150+ Awning Fabrics Samples

Our retractable awnings are custom-built at our family-owned factory in San Jose, California with premium materials imported from Europe. The quality of our work shows – we’ve been in business since 1983 and all work is done in-house from start to finish.

Check out our Awnings Photo Gallery or our Houzz projects to see some beautiful installation pictures and to get an idea how our canvas awnings might look on your home.

Hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

“Great company to work with . . . . We purchased one of their awnings 12 years ago and use it regularly during warm weather (maybe 6 months out of the year). The mechanism and fabric held up great…If you're in the market for an awning, you should definitely check out ERS.” – Cynthia S., San Jose, CA
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Quality Like This Adds Value to Your Home.

Your ERS Shading retractable awning is a pretty valuable investment.

In fact, installing an electric awning for your deck, patio, pool/spa area, garage, outdoor kitchen or other exterior space can add serious value to your home.

Our retractable awnings are fully customized for your home with your choice of colors and size. To increase the durability of the awnings, our elegant protective shell adds to the lifetime of the awning.

From beginning to end, you get a quality awning that is truly a European Rolling Shutters standard.

7 Benefits of a Retractable Awning for your Deck or Patio:

  • Add instant, massive value to your home…at the press of a button!
  • Transform your outdoor area into a cool, enjoyable retreat
  • Extend your awning without obstructing your view. Your awning comes with freestanding arms, not poles or stands that get in the way. It’s hardly noticeable when stored away.
  • We source our fabrics from Sunbrella, the leader in performance fabrics for over 50 years.
    … which also means you get their 10-year limited warranty on their fabrics.
  • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella and awnings. Protect your skin and your family even while you enjoy your outdoor space!
  • Stainless steel connecting parts add to the life and usefulness of your awning. You get a reliably firm awning thanks to individual suspended springs that maximize the elasticity in the folding arms.
  • Using your awning is incredibly easy. Choose from manual crank-controlled awnings or motorized awnings to fit your own preferences.
retractable awning extended retractable awning contracted

Your ERS awning goes beyond home style by saving you money on energy consumption.

A PAMA Energy Study also showed awnings can reduce annual cooling energy 64-80% for homes in San Francisco.

This same study by PAMA also found awnings INCREASE heating costs in colder months as they block natural heat gains when they are extended - another reason to invest in a retractable awning that can be collapsed in colder months!

View the San Francisco Awning Study

That study is backed by further evidence from larger, independent organizations:

ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Condition Engineers) show that an awning reduces solar gain by 72-77% on western exposures, reducing home cooling energy consumption by up to 60%.

The US Department of Energy report solar heat gain reductions of 65-77% from Awning usage
(Source: Energy.gov).

Protect Your Valuable Awnings Against Weather Damage with Awning Sensors!

With the awning wind sensor, you can rest assure your awning will automatically retract in strong weather conditions even when you’re away from home.

Protection: Wind
Eolis 3D (wireless)

Protection: Wind & Sun/Rain
Eolis 3D + Ondeis (wireless)

Protection: Wind & Sun
Soliris 24V Kit (wired)

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Our canvas awnings aren’t the cheap retractable awnings you can find at discount outlets.

Each electric awning is custom-fitted to your space, made locally at our San Jose factory using premium materials and installed by ERS Shading professional contractors. Remember: you get a 5-year warranty on everything we install, plus a 10-year warranty on your Sunbrella fabrics.

Our outdoor canvas awning will bring a cool, relaxing shade to your family’s barbeque, pool, patio or deck. 0% financing is also available!

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View some video testimonials to see the San Jose awning in action.

And check out our awning photo gallery and Houzz project ideas to see some beautiful installation pictures and to get an idea how our rolling awnings might look on your home.