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Everyone, especially in the Bay Area, understands the peace and tranquility that come from spending time outdoors. Now you can fully utilize all the space your home provides and get more sunshine and fresh air with retractable awnings.

It’s the ultimate high-end experience in healthy home leisure. You should be able to spend more time with the people you care about while enjoying the space you’ve worked so hard to create. Every patio, balcony, and conservatory transforms into a one of a kind get away with luxury retractable awnings.

markilux Awnings Will Transform Any Backyard into a Cool and Comfortable Space

Introducing the German Engineered markilux Retractable Awning Series

For more than a quarter-century, markilux has been the German leader in producing high-end luxury patio and balcony awnings. Every part is designed and produced in-house by German engineers and textile experts. markilux has set themselves apart by leading the way in design, function, safety, and service.

One of the highlights aside from design is markilux’s selection of exclusive fabrics. Each fabric undergoes a meticulous quality control protocol and is woven with in-house state-of-the-art weaving mills.

markilux Awning, Installed by ERS, is One of the Largest German Brand Names in Luxury Retractable Awnings

markilux Fabric Highlights

  • Limited Self-cleaning technology (sunsilk)
  • Superior UV blockage (50+ UV ratings)
  • Water repellant, fire retardant (NOT US or California conform, only European and Australian approved) and transparent fabric
  • Hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Warranty backed

European Rolling Shutters is the go-to place for markilux awnings in San Jose!

Needless to say, we are excited to be offering the award-winning markilux luxury awning series at our store. We are offering four of markilux’s flagship high-end awnings.


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markilux ES-1

The markilux ES-1 for patio & balcony is a standout for its elegant stainless steel design.

It was awarded both the Red Dot Design and the IF Product Design award for outstanding, superior design with elegant lines and fine materials. The markilux ES-1 can enhance the appearance of your favorite spot and is perfect for all weather conditions.

markilux ES-1 Retractable Awning Features an Elegant Stainless Steel Design

markilux ES-1 Features

  • Gas piston-tensioned arms provide superior tautness of fabric even when not completely extended
  • Superior protection provided with stainless steel roof for the cover and roller tube.
  • End caps available in copper, brass, and steel
  • Arms, hinged joints, screws, all made from V4A-stainless steel
  • Folding arm technology: Powerful gas pistons in the arms make for perfect cover tautness
  • Choice of over 250 cover patterns made from innovative, high tech polyester fabrics, sunvas and sunsilk

markilux 6000

The markilux 6000 awning for patio & balcony features multiple design options.

A winner of the Red Dot Design award, this awning can be custom designed to fit the look of any home.

markilux 6000 Awning, Installed by ERS, Features a Unique Operating Mechanism that Offers Durability & Smooth Performance

markilux 6000 Features

  • Folding Arm Technology: A highly tear-resistant bionic tendon that’s made from high tech fibers. Allows for the perfect balance of power transfer
  • Noiseless and friction free operation
  • Exquisitely shaped aluminum housed LED spotlights mounted on the front ensure the perfect amount of ambient lighting after sundown (optional)
  • Drop solar screen to protect against a low (lying) sun with optional remote-controlled motor
  • 7 standard frame colors available at no extra cost, any custom RAL color available as option

markilux 8800 & 8850

The markilux 8800 awning series offers a modern design with large shading capabilities for any patio.

It shines bright with its stability even in windy conditions. It’s flexible bracket options allow it to be easily installed over or under existing structures like pergola, sunrooms, and trellises.

markilux 8800 & 8850 Luxury Awnings Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Backyard with Quality Materials

markilux 8800 & 8850 Features

  • Patented clip-on brackets for easy installation of rails to brackets.
  • Indented guide tracks for bevel-edged canopies (8850 model)
  • Gas piston-tensioned arms provide superior tension of fabric even when not completely extended
  • Powder coated cassette, front profile, and guide rails for durable beauty
  • Optional zip system eliminates gaps between the cover and guide tracks ensuring safe fabric guidance and a neat closed appearance (8800 model)
  • 7 standard frame colors available at no extra cost, any custom RAL color available as option

Your Official markilux Dealer in the Bay Area

Upgrade your home with markilux awnings, the name brand when it comes to high-end luxury retractable awnings!

As an official dealer of markilux, we can provide the knowledge and expertise you need at European Rolling Shutters.

Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer any question you have about markilux awnings or any other shading products we offer.


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