Beautiful, Retractable Exterior Shading

You (and your home) will love our retractable awnings, exterior shutters & retractable solar screens.

Exterior Rolling Shutters

Exterior Shutters

Exterior rolling shutters add insulation for energy savings, safety from thieves and 100% UV blockage.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Shade your patio or deck with our elegant retractable awnings that extend at the press of a button.

Retractable Solar Screens

Solar Screens

Protect yourself from UV rays and add elegance and class to your home with our exterior solar screens.


European Rolling Shutters ( ERS )

ERSshading is family-owned and operated in San Jose, CA.

Since 1983, our products have been engineered &manufactured in-house at our factory & showroom.

Every awning, shutter and solar screen we produce and install is custom designed to fit your home’s specifications.

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European Rolling Shutters

Exterior Rolling Shutters

How do Exterior Rolling Shutters protect your home and family?
  • Block damaging UV rays
  • Block high winds, driving rain and flying debris
  • Insulate your home against excessive heat and chilling cold
  • Reduce exterior noise
  • Deter opportunistic thieves and burglars
  • Save energy all year round
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Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning, manufactured and installed by European Rolling Shutters, offers the perfect solution to create a new living space for your home.

Our retractable awnings shade your patio or deck and stop the sun from heating up your wall, patio doors and windows. Not only do they provide great shade over your patio, they also create a more pleasant indoor environment. Because they are retractable, YOU decide when and how much shade you want, not the sun.
  • Create a beautiful and inviting outdoor environment for friends and family
  • Guard your loved ones from the devastating effects of the sun’s UV rays
  • Retractable at the press of a button
  • 100’s of colors & patterns to choose from
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Retractable Solar Screens

European Rolling Shutters offers the perfect solution for those windows or doors where you would like to reduce the amount of light entering the room.

Our Retractable Solar Screens shield you against harmful UV rays and retain your million dollar view.

How do Retractable Solar Screens protect your home and family?
  • Block the sun and still keep your view
  • Stop 90-95% of destructive UV rays and solar heat
  • Shield your family, furniture, floors and artwork from sun damage
  • Energy savings and comfort at the press of a button
  • Add class, elegance and value to your home
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